UO Senate Committees A-Z


Committee Committee Type Committee Category Selection Process Time Commitment

Senate Rules Committee

The Senate Rules Committee shall work with the sponsors of motions and negotiations to clarify proposed Senate motions in advance of the Senate meeting at which the motion is to be presented.
Internal Administrative Appointed 0-20 hours per year

Study Abroad Programs Committee

Sets academic standards for UO credit-bearing study abroad programs. Periodically reviews and approves new and ongoing programs.
Standing Academic and Research Appointed 20-40 hours per year

Undergraduate Council

The Undergraduate Council shall be responsible for reviewing, evaluating and enhancing the quality of the University's academic program
Standing Academic and Research Elected 40-60 hours per year

University Committee on Sexual Orientation Attraction Gender Identity and Expression

Works to promote equality and equity for UO community members.
Standing Appointed 20-40 hours per year