UO Senate Committees A-Z


Committee Committee Type Committee Category Selection Process Time Commitment

Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) shall be responsible for providing the President and other Administration officials with faculty opinion and counsel on the wide range of university affairs.
Standing Administrative Elected 40-60 hours per year

Faculty Grievance Appeals Committee

This is an appeals committee mandated by University of Oregon policy 571-003 (Section G).
External Grievance and Appeals Elected 0-20 hours per year

Faculty Personnel Committee

The Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) shall be responsible for advising the Provost on all tenure and promotion cases.
Standing Administrative Elected 60+ hours per year

Faculty Research Awards Committee

Oversees the Faculty Research Award program, including approval of changes to the Awards program, review of application, and determination of awardees.
Standing Awards Appointed 20-40 hours per year

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council shall advise the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies on matters pertaining to graduate study at the University of Oregon.
Standing Academic and Research Elected 20-40 hours per year

Library Committee

Advises the President, Provost, and Librarian on policies/procedures of the UO Library.
Standing Academic and Research Appointed 20-40 hours per year

Promotion-Tenure-Retention Appeals Committee

Shall consider only formal grievances concerning denial of promotion or denial of tenure (or denial of both) or failure to renew an appointment in violation of OAR 571-003-grievant's rights. Other grievances are dealt with by the Faculty Grievance Appeals Committee.
External Grievance and Appeals Elected

Scholastic Review Committee

Administration and interpretation of policy for undergraduate students whose academic work falls below UO scholarship requirements; rules on petitions for reinstatement or change of grade.
Standing Academic and Research Appointed 20-40 hours per year

Senate Budget Committee

The Senate Budget Committee is the University's primary agency for faculty participation in University fiscal policy.
Internal Governance Appointed and Elected 0-20 hours per year

Senate Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the University Senate shall advise the Senate President, assist in setting the agenda for each Senate meeting and facilitate the work of the Senate.
Internal Appointed 20-40 hours per year