Senate Budget Committee 2020-2021 Members

Constituency Representing Seat Department Name Term Selection Process
Faculty Senator Voting Member Lundquist College of Business Robin Clement, - Elected
Faculty Voting Member Lundquist College of Business Ali Emami, - Appointed
Faculty Senator Voting Member Human Physiology Hans Dreyer, - Elected
Tenured Voting Member Economics Bruce McGough, - Appointed
Tenured Voting Member Counseling Psychology Krista Chronister, - Appointed
Tenured Voting Member Economics Keaton Miller, - Appointed
Tenured Senator Voting Member Special Education and Clinical Sciences Gina Biancarosa, - Elected
Tenured Senator Voting Member P P P M Renee Irvin, - Elected
Ex Officio Senate President, Voting Member Psychology Department Elliot Berkman, -
Ex Officio University President, Non-Voting Member President's Office Mike Schill, -
Ex Officio University Provost or designee, Non-Voting Member Office of the Provost Patrick Phillips, -