Committee on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence 2021-2022 Members

Constituency Representing Seat Department Name Term Selection Process
Faculty Voting Member Anthropology Lynn Stephen, - Elected
Faculty Voting Member UO Libraries Ann Shaffer, - Elected
Faculty Voting Member Philosophy Department Beata Stawarska, - Elected
Faculty Appointed by WGS department, Voting Member Vacant - Appointed
Faculty School of Law Voting Member Law School Kathryn Moakley, - Appointed
Undergraduate Voting Member Student Kayla Krueger, - Appointed
Graduate Voting Member Graduate Student Natalie Fisher, - Appointed
Classified Voting Member Vacant - Appointed
Officer of Administration Voting Member Linguistics Eden Cronk, - Appointed
Ex Officio Director of Crisis Intervention and Sexual Violence or designee, Non-Voting Member Vacant -
Ex Officio AVP/Title IX Coordinator or designee, Non-Voting Member Law School Nicole Commissiong, -
Ex Officio General Counsel or designee, Non-Voting Member Office of General Counsel Jeslyn Everitt, -