Continuous Improvement and Evaluation of Teaching Committee 2022-2023 Members

Constituency Representing Seat Department Name Term Selection Process
Faculty College of Design Voting Member History of Art and Architecture Maile Hutterer, - Appointed
Faculty Journalism and Communication Voting Member Journalism and Communication Mitchell Block, - Appointed
Faculty College of Education Voting Member Special Education & Clinical Sciences Angela Whalen, - Appointed
Faculty School of Music and Dance Voting Member Music Timothy Pack, - Appointed
Faculty Lundquist College of Business Voting Member Lundquist College of Business Fang Yin, - Appointed
Faculty School of Law Voting Member Law School Andrea Coles-Bjerre, - Appointed
Faculty CAS - Natural Sciences Voting Member Vacant - Appointed
Faculty CAS - Social Sciences Voting Member Economics William Harbaugh, - Appointed
Career Faculty CAS - Humanities Chair , Voting Member English Department Kara Clevinger, - Appointed
Undergraduate Voting Member Undergraduate Adelle Iseri, - Appointed
Graduate Voting Member Jason Small, - Appointed
Ex Officio Rep from the Office of the Provost, Voting Member Office of the Provost Lee Rumbarger, -
Ex Officio Rep from Registrar's Office , Voting Member Registrar's Office Bonnie Gutierrez, -
Ex Officio Rep from Teaching Engagement Program, Voting Member Office of the Provost Austin Hocker, -