Undergraduate Council 2021-2022 Members

Constituency Representing Seat Department Name Term Selection Process
Faculty College of Design Voting Member Architecture Daisy-O'lice Williams, daisyoli@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty College of Education Voting Member Education Studies Alison Schmitke, schmitke@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty Journalism and Communication Voting Member Journalism and Communication Dan Morrison, danmor@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty Lundquist College of Business Voting Member Lundquist College of Business Ben Yang, zyang@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty School of Law Voting Member Law School Stuart Chinn, schinn@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty CAS - Humanities Voting Member English Department Eleanor Wakefield, ewakefie@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty School of Music and Dance Voting Member Music Zachary Wallmark, zwallmar@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty CAS - Natural Sciences Co-Chair , Voting Member Psychology Department Jagdeep Bala, jagdeep@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty CAS - Social Sciences Voting Member Economics Mike Urbancic, urbancic@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty CAS At-Large Co-Chair , Voting Member Mathematics Mike Price, mprice@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty CAS At-Large Voting Member Geography Leslie McLees, lmclees@uoregon.edu - Elected
Faculty Clark Honors College Voting Member Robert Donald Clark Honors College Barbara Mossberg, bmossber@uoregon.edu - Elected
Undergraduate Voting Member Student Kyle Geffen, asuosenate13@uoregon.edu - Appointed
Undergraduate Voting Member Student Maxwell Ely, asuosenate11@uoregon.edu - Appointed
Undergraduate Voting Member Vacant - Appointed
Undergraduate Voting Member Vacant - Appointed
Ex Officio Chair of CAS Curriculum Committee or designee, Voting Member Vacant -
Ex Officio Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies or designee, Non-Voting Member Undergraduate Education and Student Success Kimberly Johnson, johnskim@uoregon.edu -
Ex Officio University Registrar or designee, Non-Voting Member Registrar's Office Julia Pomerenk, jpom@uoregon.edu -
Ex Officio Director of Academic Advising or designee, Non-Voting Member Office of Academic Advising Lori Manson, loric@uoregon.edu -
Ex Officio Director of Teaching Engagement Program or designee, Non-Voting Member Office of the Provost Jason Schreiner, jschrein@uoregon.edu -
Ex Officio Rep from Presidents Office, Non-Voting Member Vacant -
Ex Officio Rep from UO Libraries, Non-Voting Member UO Libraries Genifer Snipes, gsnipes@uoregon.edu -
Ex Officio Chair of UO Committee on Courses or designee, Voting Member Anthropology Frances White, fwhite@uoregon.edu -